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Experiences using digital video under Ubuntu, Redhat 8.0 + 9.0. Details the frustrations of getting cool stuff up and running in Linux.


Monday, June 09, 2003

Gonna try out an XSVCD tonight - apparently my DVD player can handle up to 8Mbps video streams - should increase the quality of my discs somewhat.

I'm using Kino for non-linear DV editing, exporting using 'generic MPEG2' ('User SVCD' option doesn't work), adding '-b 4000' to the command line for the 'mpeg2enc' function. This creates a CBR stream @ 4Mbps which then successfully plays in mplayer. I now have to check out whether I can create an SVCD that works in my player.
I'm experimenting with SVCD's and menus. I have a Singer SGD-001 DVD player (plays basically any format you throw at it bar DIVX) - it seems to choke somewhat with my menus. In order to return to the main menu, you must press the 'return' key on the remote. Most other keys (except chapter entry points) cause the player to choke big time (needs a power-down-up cycle to recover and basically play anything properly again).

Overall it is a great player - minor quirks but I can live with them.